Simplify Your Production Line with a BSAFE Power Management System

The BSAFE Power Management System is a turnkey solution for your robotic cells, automated machinery, and more.

BSAFE makes power management and commissioning of automated manufacturing equipment convenient and efficient, while also improving the safety of your employees.

Whether you’re looking for a new power management system for a current equipment solution or a turnkey addition to a custom-manufactured equipment setup, the BSAFE is the ideal power management solution for automated industrial equipment.

What is the BSAFE Automation Power Management System?

The BSAFE system is a turnkey 3-phase and control power management panel. The BSAFE system is an all-in-one power management solution that can be installed on any manufactured industrial equipment lineup.

The BSAFE system was built to simplify the design process for OEMs and assist end-users who are looking for an easy-to-understand power management system for their automated machinery and equipment.

Installing the BSAFE into your facility reduces the work time required for installation and commissioning a custom-built power management system, while also increasing the safety of your team by reducing the exposure to arc flashes and electrical shock hazards.

Why choose a BSAFE system?

There are three major areas of benefit when choosing a BSAFE automated power management system: it will simplify and optimize your design and commissioning process, add convenience while working, and increase workplace safety.

Simplified Design and Cost-Effective Commissioning

While most OEMs can take nearly 100 hours in developing, designing, and building a custom power management solution for a facility, the BSAFE is a turnkey solution that can return that time to your pocket.

As project times decrease, it’s important to optimize your process as much as possible. CSI has done the commissioning and development work for your team: by adding a turnkey power management solution, you eliminate hours of design, testing, and commission work on-site that can be expensive.

The BSAFE system is designed to be installed on new or existing control panels; you do not have to purchase a new setup to create a safe and convenient experience in your facility.

The BSAFE has been designed to be composed of one part number: all wires, fittings and fastenings required for installation can be bought at once, instead of requiring a variety of parts and pieces from different areas.

The BSAFE features a faster schematic design. You choose between using the provided hole cut-out template or downloading the template and providing it to your panel fabricator for precut holes. Either option provides a faster installation that is custom to your panel and your needs.

Convenience in the Workplace

The BSAFE power management system is an electrical power switching and testing system, meaning that you can easily switch your 3-phase and motive power off while still maintaining separate control power for computers, IoT, important PLCs, and control power.

This means that you can isolate the power for your computers and continue to keep them running while doing testing work. This also helps to prevent CPU failure through cold booting and constant power cycling.

Creating an obvious switch for your power means that qualified workers can complete their work on HMIs, PLCs, and more without having to run the full power of the robotic cell or industrial machinery to which it is connected.

The BSAFE also includes drawings on the door; rather than having to look for the drawings within your facility to make sure power is connected and disconnected properly, it is laid out on the machine to simplify and complete the process efficiently.

Increased Safety for Employees

Electric shock is a large concern in workplace safety and making sure that the equipment you invest in is safe and offers preventative measures to keep your employees protected is important.

The BSAFE automation power management system has been designed to not only act as a standardized power management solution but also to increase safety in the workplace.

By limiting connection to the three-phase disconnect while working on industrial computers, employees are less at risk of exposure to live electricity. This helps reduce electrical shock accidents.

The BSAFE assists in limiting dangerous arc flashes in the workplace by first isolating and shielding the prospective arc source and then also moving it away from qualified workers and out of the interior panel after lockout tagout.

For more information on the BSAFE Automation Power Management System, visit the BSAFE website. To inquire about obtaining a BSAFE system for your facility, contact Control Systems International today.

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