Canadian Government Benefits for EV Manufacturing

The Canadian government is looking to advance itself as a global leader in electric vehicle (EV) innovation, and as such is making great strides towards modern initiatives and advancements, and assisting in securing international investment in EV manufacturing in Canada.

Companies who are looking to develop EV facilities for automobile or battery manufacturing, or update current productions to include EV manufacturing, can currently find assistance through a variety of government programs to help guide them towards a more innovative and sustainable manufacturing sector.

With options for SMEs, large companies, and companies performing research and development, now is the optimal time to apply for government grants and initiatives to help build fitting tools for the electric vehicle industry.

Types of Government Assistance

The Canadian government offers several different kinds of assistance for EV manufacturers including working with international investors to increase advanced initiatives in Canada and federal initiatives and grants to encourage clean, long-term growth in the economy.

Programs like the Strategic Innovation Fund and its Net Zero Accelerator Initiative have been created to supplement and support companies who are bringing Canada forward in technological advancement and supporting the Canadian innovation ecosystem.

EV companies can rely on the Net Zero Accelerator Initiative to support their products as it focuses on supporting decarbonization and sustainable growth of Canada’s largest industrial emitters, development of a Canadian battery ecosystem, and clean technology and industrial transformation.

The Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network also offers a research and development fund for electric vehicles, supporting projects related to EV and battery manufacturing. This fund is ideal for smaller SMEs with less than 500 full-time employees in Ontario.

Examples of Assistance

General Motors has received an investment from the government to build a full-scale commercial EV manufacturing facility in Oshawa, Ontario, and Honda Canada has been supported by the Strategic Innovation Fund in its retooling of its Allison, Ontario operations to launch hybrid electric vehicles.

LG Energy Solutions and Stellantis have also collaborated in a major investment of over $5 billion to develop the first large-scale domestic facility for manufacturing EV batteries in Windsor, Ontario.

How to Use Your Investments

With large investments from Canadian programs at your side, you have access to a multitude of ways to invest in your EV facility.

Capital equipment purchases such as the BSAFE Power Management System are an ideal way to find a turnkey solution for power management while using your investments effectively and eliminating hundreds of hours in work and financial strain.

With over 20 years of experience in automobile manufacturing and production, Controls Systems International is an expert team you can rely on for your electrical control systems design, commissioning, and implementation.

Our electrical controls design team can support your custom production system designs and your facility with the insight required for the new EV developments, ensuring a valuable use of your investments and a fine-tuned facility for your EV manufacturing.

If you’re considering getting into EV manufacturing, contact us today for more information about how we can assist you. We look forward to working with you!

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