Pressure Test Bench

If you have pneumatic or hydraulic actuated components that are critical to your operations, maybe you need a “Pressure Test Bench”, contact us and we can help.

Here’s a real world situation, that resulted in us making the one in the pics.

Customer Challenges:

The client’s production facility produces more than 1500 driver ready vehicles daily….

Part of their production operations requires filling the newly made vehicles with fluids: oil, power steering fluid, washer fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, radiator fluid and fuel.

To accomplish all of these fluid fills on 1500 vehicles daily with precise amounts requires specialized filling adapters and equipment.

The client required a system, a “Pressure Test Bench” to test the function and accuracy of this fluid dispensing equipment offline, outside of the critical production line.


The solution was to build the client a “Pressure Test Bench” for testing their complex pneumatic and hydraulic actuated dispensing equipment. As a result, the client has one test bench location where all of their various valves and cylinder systems (used in fluid dispensing) can be tested before being used in the critical production line.

These pressure/vacuum tight systems work with a variety of mediums such as hydraulic fluid for brakes and power steering fluids, glycol for the radiator and engine cooling systems and other mediums again for washer and transmission systems.

This variety of mediums and pressure/vacuum ranges made for a diverse and challenging Pressure Test Bench composition, having all these options available at one bench was a worthy technological design and build challenge.

Why CSI and MTE:

Control Systems International (CSI) and Machine Tool Electric (MTE) were chosen because of their long history of delivering unique design and build solutions for this client.

This client has had CSI and MTE as part of a group, work on and solve many automation problems and challenges.

This pressure testing bench and system was unique but in line with their skills and experience.



CSI designed the electro pneumatic, hydraulic and vacuum test bench as per the client’s technical, aesthetics, ergonomic and operational requirements.

MTE executed the build of the electrical control panel and system along with the various fluid systems in a very functional yet elegant result.



Due to the nature of the system it was possible to have it fully and completely functionally tested within the CSI / MTE shop facility while the client visited. All variations of performance and operation could be checked to the client’s satisfaction.


Customer Profile:

The client is a major automotive OEM facility that produces vehicles in North America and throughout the world.



Because of the success of this pressure test unit the client is considering using it at other automotive production facilities.

If you have a need to test pneumatic or hydraulic components, contact us and we can help.

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