Designing & Building Robotic Cell Controls for an Automobile Part Manufacturing Facility

Client CSI collaborated with Phase One, a general contractor, to design, construct, and commission two customized robotic cells for an automobile parts manufacturer in Ontario. The Challenge This project involved designing and building robotic cells for a client who needed to transport parts through a grinding process. The client required a six-axis robotic arm with

Why AI in Manufacturing is the New Norm

Although manufacturing facilities have been using different forms of AI for years through sensor instruments and robotic integrations, COVID-19 has accelerated the reliance on artificial intelligence amongst manufacturers. Globally, Google finds that 64% of manufacturers are relying on AI in their day-to-day operations and that number is continuing to grow. Besides actual implementation, it’s clear

Creating Safety Retrofits for Inverted Power & Free Conveyor Access

Client Our client for this project was an automobile assembly plant in Windsor. The Challenge Our client has a section of their plant that they wanted to access safely to complete tune-ups, adjustments, and regular routine maintenance to their inverted power and free conveyor system.  The assembly plant did not want to stop production while