Pressure System

‘s skilled labour team / Control Systems International Engineering (CSI) turn key control solutions provide precise high pressure generation and control over time. The system is completely microprocessor controlled and fully automated – the system allows user-defined multiple target pressures, holding times, and pressurization rates.

The software program interface is simply EXCEL (with Visual Basic behind the scenes). Throughout the pressure control process, the EXCEL based user software provides useful reports and data, including a real-time graphical display of pressure over time. Upon termination of the pressurization process – data such as pressure and corresponding time can be saved or charted in EXCEL for further analysis.

The pressure set points programmed in EXCEL are sent to the pressure regulator via the analog output from the PLC. The pressure regulator then receives pressure feedback and maintains the programmed pressure using a PID loop. This system can be applied to multiple industries. The flexible design of this system shows how MTE / CSI use EXCEL as a versatile, low cost Operator interface for system control. MTE / CSI use their knowledge and skill to customize and combine cost effective system control solutions. This Pressure Control Solution is ready and suitable for almost any pressure or flow control situation.

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