Packaging Experience

With over 30 years of experience in electrical control systems, CSI offers expansive knowledge and expertise to aid in creating control solutions within the packaging industry. Our knowledge of the machinery and equipment required for bagging, bottling, and boxing products has expanded as we’ve taken projects on over the years, including creating custom panels and pressure systems to optimize efficiency in production.

We have completed packaging projects including robotics systems for depalletizing and de-boxing and have designed and implemented electrical control systems for sortation on conveyors. Our packaging system solutions include motion programming and electrical control systems and have been designed using EPLAN, UL508a specifications and the BSAFE systems for effective, optimized, and reliable operations.

We work closely with OEMs, designing and engineering original electrical control systems and automation systems. We can engineer and manufacture a turnkey design for you, retrofit a solution for your current automation/instrumentation, or update your instrumentation. We understand manufacturing/packing controls, and we will leverage this knowledge so you are saving money and time.

Our work in installing and designing WULFTEC tools into processes is just one of the ways that we help the packaging industry. Working with CSI guarantees that your system’s operations will increase in efficiency.

For more information on how CSI can help create custom solutions for your packaging production needs, contact us today.

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