SCADA/HMI Services

Stop using outdated software and interfaces. Manage data with ease by utilizing cloud-based SCADA and up-to-date HMI into your productions.

SCADA/HMI Services

It’s important to make sure your machines are operating at their best: meeting production schedules and performing optimally. However, issues can arise.

Making sure that you have the best HMI or SCADA tools available ensures that no matter where you are, you’re able to solve problems and keep your operations moving with ease. Our experience in creating intuitive, easy-to-control software and user interfaces guarantees that this is possible.

At Control Systems International (CSI), we bring experience and expertise in creating HMI systems that give you control over complex processes and operations with easy-to-learn UI’s. We partner with industry-leading technology brands such as Rockwell, Wonderware, Siemens, and iFix to provide you with accurate, high calibre performance.

Flexible data collection is possible with our HMI tools. Avoid manual interfaces that provide limited information and expand your knowledge to include historical data and trends, predictive data, measurements over time, as well as the usual up-to-the-moment status of machines. We create large and small interfaces from as small as managing one machine to controlling large, complex systems with different zones that require personalized management.

Collect, control, and monitor data from various machines wherever you are with our cloud-based SCADA tools. We create notifications for information ranging from thresholds being met to alarm faulting. Information is shared with interconnectivity via tablets, phones, and emails, eliminating the outdated control room SCADA tools of the past.

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