PLC Programming

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) PROGRAMMING:

Today’s PLCs are complex industrial grade computers that run unique and proprietary operating systems in order to guard against viruses and hacking risks.

PLC capabilities are constantly increasing and they have well surpassed the roots of early PLCs from circa 1980 that were used for simple machine control.


Control Systems International Engineering (CSI) is an expert in PLC technology and is capable of engineering with PLC’s at a level 5 programming complexity (designing system architecture). CSI has a history of utilizing PLCs as part of an electrical control systems design for automated machinery and process control.  CSI has experience utilizing the most current and up to date PLC technology as a piece of that electrical control system design.

CSI’s experience in applying today’s modern PLCs includes; collecting complex instrument data, data archiving, remote notification systems, derivation of complex decision making algorithms, integration to graphical interfaces for machine control and complex recipe management.

For this level of design expertise with a PLC, CSI requires individuals with a deep academic background in technology, computers and engineering.  The most basic features of viewing code and making small edits is not where CSI looks to be involved, CSI is designing and implementing and utilizing PLCs to their fullest capabilities at a high engineering level.

This 3rd party article talks about the level of competence one can have when working with PLCs.   PLC LEVEL COMPETENCE GUIDE 

CSI personnel are capable of the highest levels 3-5, which are; 3/program development, 4/ Complex program development, 5/architectural design.

Control Systems International Engineering (CSI) can engineer a PLC based control solution for your unique process and then write complex original algorithms for your PLC to run your automation in a profitable manner.  CSI will have your PLC integrate seamlessly as part of an overall automation design so that your systems and manufacturing equipment will run effortlessly.

There are many brands of PLC/industrial controllers that CSI has utilized to their fullest extent when designing automation control solutions.


  • Allen Bradley
  • Siemens
  • Omron
  • Mitsubishi

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