Commissioning & Project Management

Simplify the commissioning of your electrical control systems and make your automation run smoothly for you. Incorporate custom automation features into your manufacturing line to ensure effective and optimal systems.

Commissioning & Project Management Services

Control Systems International (CSI) is the ideal choice for project management, design, and commission solutions. We’re creating custom PLC and electrical control system solutions for the latest automation, as leaders and guides from start to finish of your projects. Rely on our team to provide guidance, advice, knowledge, and support in creating solutions for your electrical engineering needs.

If you are looking for insightful and knowledgeable electrical controls project management, turn to CSI for the turnkey solution. We design, construct, install, and maintain quality control of all equipment we develop and custom-create, so you know you’re supported years down the line.

Assess your equipment for safe use in the workplace with our downloadable guide.

Food & Beverage


Oil & Gas

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Power Generation

Warehousing & Distribution

Commissioning & Project Management - Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Integrating new automation solutions for new products or updating equipment and processes in the food and beverage industry is easy with our automated and PLC solutions for your bottling, manufacturing, skid packaging or sorting operations. Our work with mass-production food and beverage brands ensures that our packaging, shipping, conveyor, and skid wrapper systems are cutting edge and paving the way in the industry when it comes to productivity and efficiency.

Commissioning & Project Management - Automotive


With new vehicles and environmentally friendly models being released, many automotive plants are integrating new shops for painting, welding, and more into their operations and production. CSI develops custom PLC/electrical control systems for your automotive manufacturing process needs, manages and assists in the implementation of the solutions, and ensures all compliance, regulatory, and safety needs are met in the process.

Commissioning & Project Management - Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Safety is of the utmost importance when working with oil and gas or other combustive mediums. CSI has created intrinsically safe electrical control systems and equipment, explosion-proof equipment, and modified industrial fuel filling/dispensing lines. We’ve also created abatement systems for cleaning contaminated air and water before it returns to natural waterways.

Commissioning & Project Management - Water & Wastewater Treatment

Water & Wastewater Treatment

When working with water and wastewater treatment, CSI considers several different factors in the systems that we create. Whether weather conditions are determined to manage appropriate water transference, or wireless or telemetry communications are implemented into far away treatment plants, we develop appropriate adaptations to current systems or build new systems where required.

Commissioning & Project Management - Power Generation

Power Generation

CSI has developed PLC-based electrical control and monitoring systems for various companies that produce and generate electrical power for the grid. Some of the various systems included boiler controls, with instrumentation data points such as temperature, flow, and pressure.

Commissioning & Project Management - Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing & Distribution

Mass distribution centres often deal with complex inventory management systems and programs to move specific products to specific places. We manage ASRS systems and cranes, tying them in with complex recipe management systems, and program PLC, robot, and automation systems to make your system work smoothly and efficiently, maximizing productivity. Our work in developing banders and wrappers in the packaging industry also assists in large-scale warehouses and distribution centres.

Our Commissioning Process

Whether we are working on a system we designed or commissioning a project for a new client, Control Systems International follows a consistent commissioning process to ensure your system is working effectively.

Before turning the power on to a “new” electrical panel for the first time we first check the switches in the control panel to ensure that there’s no possibility of short-circuiting that can damage your equipment. Once we are sure it is safe, we then turn the power on.

We follow a process checklist to make sure your system is powered on in a safe and effective way:

  1. Turn off every breaker, and work in sections to turn on the power. This ensures that everything is connected properly and that if a problem occurs it will be isolated.
  2. Check the networks to make sure they are working and connecting to the appropriate systems.
  3. Verify electrical safety systems to guarantee employee safety when the system goes live.
  4. Complete an input and output (IO) functional checkout. We make sure every wired device is connected to the system and functioning correctly during our IO checkout phase.
  5. Confirm the IO check out and verify the machine’s manual functions. For example, when working with a conveyor system we ensure it can run, jog forward, and jog in reverse, and that all manual controls work. This includes verifying that the manual operations connect to the user interfaces.
  6. Verify the diagnostics and start auto cycling the system. The machine should start to move and complete its cycle properly.
  7. Check the cycle times of the system and whether it is working to the appropriate parameters. CSI systems work so that they can be powered down, stopped, shut down, and start again easily without having to be set to a certain configuration.
  8. Train plant personnel and provide documentation. We complete production support with your team to guarantee your system can be maintained and sustained.

If you are looking to have a project commissioned, or to work with CSI on a new system, contact us for a consultation.

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