Remote Commissioning / Troubleshooting Support

If you need PLC remote programming support we can help right away and over the phone.

We can help your onsite staff with “Live realtime” online programming support while also providing live realtime audio.   Our engineers and Programming experts can help remotely.

You just need a phone, the internet, a descent computer and someone with some moderate machine knowledge onsite.

Call and we can help 519 737-7447 ext. 34

Here is an example of how we helped one remote client.

Customer Challenge: Remote PLC / Machinery commissioning

The customer’s production facility is in a hard to reach location and travel to the manufacturing operation was impossible.

In addition, time was of the essence and the client badly needed their manufacturing production equipment operating at a high output level.

They needed the help of an automation programming expert, but again travel was near impossible so sending someone to site just was not an option.

What they needed was effective and experienced real time remote but “Online PLC/HMI programming support (Remote online Support) combined with “Live” in person, clear of over the phone communication and guidance from a programming an automation expert.

They needed this help and they needed it quickly.

Why CSI:

Control Systems International (CSI) was able to quickly partner with an available onsite maintenance person, someone who was a trades person with some electrical knowledge and machinery operations experience.

CSI was able to augment and significantly boost that one onsite maintenance persons ability. CSI did this with their “LIVE remote ONLINE” support and audio guidance.

CSI did not have to go to site, with CSI’s remote support solution the facility only required, a moderately skilled maintenance or skilled trades person, an internet connection, a cell phone, and a reasonably current laptop. With these things CSI can help your operations remotely and very quickly.

Help for your operations can be there much faster than if someone was to travel to your facility.


CSI from a remote assist position using live online programming and audio to the onsite personnel made it so the team was able to commission the automation to a part producing productive state in a very short amount of time.

If traditional methods of sending an automation tech to site had of been used; that technician would have still been travelling to site long after the machine was already in production.

CSI’s remote results were faster and much more cost effective in this scenario.


CSI need only communicate to someone onsite who has moderate technical skill and ability for the machine that is to be worked on.

The onsite laptop need only have Windows 10 laptop, 16 gigs of Ram and 25 gigs of free hard drive space to connect to the PLC system. CSI can via email and the internet can setup that laptop to be used remotely for commissioning and programming assistance.

Customer Profile:

The client is manufacturer of goods that is struggling to maintain production and implement changes while travel and personnel are limited in their location.


With the current difficulties and dangers inherent to travel and movement, CSI is exploring more into how it can help all automation operations remotely.

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