Automotive Experience

Control Systems International has over 30 years of automotive industry experience – from the welding shop to the paint shop and the final shop, we’ve worked on systems and automation for almost all automotive manufacturing processes. Whether you are looking for assistance with overhead or inverted power and free chain conveyors, power roller bed conveyors, welding cells, paint or dip body processes, we have experience in creating robotics and control systems for every step of the auto manufacturing process.

The CSI team has worked with large automotive brands such as Stillantis (Chrysler), Ford, Rivian, Tesla, Canoo, Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, and GM.  While working for these different OEMs, CSI has become skilled in their different electrical controls design specifications.  They all have unique, complex, and demanding control systems design standards.  With specifications constantly evolving, CSI is experienced with adhering to the various OEM specifications and has contributed to their development and revisions as new technology solutions continue to emerge.

Our work has allowed us to build custom solutions in laser marking machines and pressure test benches, as well as unique end-of-arm and pressure systems with specific nuances, such as custom recipe management based on the needs of the manufacturing processes.

We have also worked with several companies that manufacture automobile parts to create solutions like robotic cells and overhead loading gantries for a variety of systems. We’ve worked on systems for high-precision metal cutting and finishing with precision equipment and washing systems, and have designed control systems for inline gauging with part traceability throughout the part manufacturing industry.

Whether you are a large facility looking to develop a solid custom control system/specifications for a new manufacturing facility, or a parts developer looking for a turnkey solution to optimize their operations, CSI designs, develops, builds, commissions, and integrates trusted long-term solutions into your facilities.

Are you looking for more information about how CSI can build a solution for your automobile enterprise? Contact us today.

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