Process / Instrumentation

Controls Systems International Engineering Inc. has been implementing process systems in industry for over 20 years.

Controls Systems International (CSI), a Licensed Engineering Firm, has been implementing safe and regionally compliant process systems such as odor abatement systems, hydrocyclone systems, fuel handling systems and telemetry systems in industry since 1995.

CSI is well experienced with various processes and their specific nuances.  CSI understands instrumentation and what is required during the hardware design phase through to the commissioning phase of a project. CSI’s familiarity and experience with process clients ensures that by partnering with CSI on your next project, your team will save time and money, reduce risk and increase efficiency through all phases of the automation project design and implementation. With help from CSI, your company will be able to meet or surpass the needs of very demanding clients.

As a complete design engineering automation solutions provider and licensed engineering firm, Control Systems International Engineering Inc.  offers a collection of design engineering services that satisfy and conform to industry standards and specifications. By engaging CSI as your electrical systems hardware design team, PLC software programming supplier (experienced with supervisory control systems), in the field commissioning or as electrical project manager, you’ll experience a new level of engineering efficiency.