Laser Marking Machines Custom Built

Customer challenges:
The client required a high speed reliable laser marking solution that could be easily maintained, yet robust and flexible with their varied means of part loading to the system.  The machine needed to laser mark parts with a 2 dimensional barcode with only a 20 second part to part cycle time.  The laser marking machine needed to be flexible such that it could be safely loaded by human operator or by a robot.  The laser marking machine needed to identify the part style, then move it into a light tight area, rotate the part to the correct orientation, laser mark the part and then verify the quality of the laser marking using a cognex vision system.
Why CSI:
Control Systems International (CSI) was chosen because this particular machine required in depth electrical controls expertise with a variety of technologies; lasers, vision systems and complex HMI/PLC integration.
CSI came up with an innovative laser mounting bracket system that allowed the client safe yet convenient access to essential laser lenses and vision cameras.  The light tight which was mechanized to close around the part was successful at being light and yet operable at speeds which exceeded the clients cycle time requirements by 1.7 seconds.  Essentially the machine was 8.5% faster and was able to process 113 more parts per shift.

Implementation: The laser marking machine was built and made completely functional at our shop where it burned parts to client cycle time and quality satisfaction prior to being installed in the client facility.  The laser marking machine project was designed built and assembled to the clients schedule and the client could view the project scheduling via weekly Gantt charts that were updated regularly by the project manager.

Customer profile:
The client is a long time manufacturer of Engine Cam shafts, they have been in business more than 20 years, producing over 5 million dollars worth of cam shafts daily, employing over 800 people.
CSI’s project management team utilized a web based project progress tracking system, this allowed remote project stakeholders to follow the projects progress real time.  It also allowed for transparent accountability tracking which was key to achieving the aggressive schedule required to this build.

CSI utilized in shop run off and equipment demonstration making actual parts, this made for an easy onsite implementation.  Which meant the laser marking machine was deployed to the client site and in production marking parts to quality standards quickly.

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