Our Process

Needs Assessment

Control Systems International Engineering’s (CSI) top priority is its clients; this is why CSI’s first step upon meeting with a potential new customer is to perform a Client Needs Assessment, otherwise known as the Discovery Process. Through this process CSI is able to identify the gap between a prospective client’s current efficiency levels and their desired efficiency levels. With these goals in mind, CSI’s team of highly skilled professionals will be able to develop a plan and design to fulfill those needs. The CSI mandate is always about how they can help their customers achieve their goals.


CSI stands behind their designs, products and services 100%. The CSI team works diligently to provide their customers with REALISTIC competitive quotes. CSI estimating professionals will work closely with their suppliers and their clients’ team to ensure that all aspects of their projects are quoted so that when projects do go forward realization of expectations is assured.  CSI is also able to quote and deliver on difficult timing schedules, as a controls engineering supplier to their clients CSI is often called upon to make immediate delivery on tight schedules, this is something that the CSI estimating team is ready and experienced at considering so that customer deadlines will be achieved.

Design, Build & Run

CSI is able to offer a “one-stop shop” for your automation electrical systems needs; through strategic partners such as MTE, they are able to assist you from concept through to the design, build and commissioning of your machinery. CSI places tremendous value on being a part of their clients’ team. CSIs’ extensive network of contacts will bring solutions to your challenges.

​Return on Investment

The CSI team understands how crucial it is to have real world tangible increases in metrics such as; productivity, quality, delivery, safety, security and recovery all while lowering your costs. It is ever more critical in todays global market that those seeking success maintain a competitive edge; this is why your bottom line is as important to CSI as it is to you their customer.

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