Heater Control Panels


Control Systems International Engineering Inc. (CSI) designs heater control panels that are custom to each user. Designed and built in our own facility with the collaboration of our preferred skilled trades partner MTE.

CSI Panels are designed for power control to resistive heating loads. CSI heater control centers are built in accordance with the National Electric Code and include digital temperature controllers and SCR power controls. These heat control panels can be mounted directly on your systems and heaters, or separate for remote mounting and installation. These enclosures are rated NEMA 4, 12, and 4x for non-hazardous and atmospheres. Explosion-resistant enclosures are available for areas where a potential explosion hazard exists.

CSI heater circuits use SCR proportional power control for more accurate temperature control. PID microprocessor based controllers are used to meet process control requirements. These can be PLC controlled or have Independent Zone Controller options.

For TURNKEY thermal controls solution CSI and its partner ACROLAB can evaluate your process and then custom design and build you a total solution.

“From concept to build Controls Systems International Engineering’s knowledge of PLC controlled solid state heating systems was a project asset.” –  MOLD OEM, Project Manager


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