Engineering & Designing an Updated Product Manufacturing Line


Our client for this project is a product manufacturer for the automotive industry.

The Challenge

Our client had recently expanded their operations and was doing a complete overhaul of their process. They had a basic set of operations before the change, and after building a new facility wanted the updates completed by a team who had a good reputation with other automotive suppliers.

The client wanted to expand to more scalable operations so that as the company grows it won’t be held back by lengthy processes.

The project was to create a manufacturing line that was intuitive and easy to use, sustainable, and more reliable for a moderately-sized team, versus the previous manual operations and line which was ergonomically challenging, an issue that was exacerbated by production volume increases.

Our client was looking for a conveyor system that could transport and package products that were in inconveniently shaped packaging. We needed to find an effective solution that would transport these products without them toppling each other.

The Solution

We started by designing the system with EPLAN, drawing it out and creating a reliable and efficient process for our client.

Once the design was approved, our UL508A-certified team worked to create an effective control panel for the system. By using UL508A standards, no shortcuts are taken, and we can guarantee our design works and is appropriate for the equipment being used. Our designs keep in mind all the requirements and safeties needed based on the needs of your facility.

The production line control system we developed consisted of two independent PLC systems, with three HMIs on the line. One HMI was designed to use both integrated systems and identify the status of both. Using an HMI that can work with both systems created an easy-to-use, intuitive process for employees of our client when working with the line. Our team determined the best positions for these HMI screens and what should be displayed on them for the most effective use.

We also included the BSAFE power management system in the control panels to simplify the design process, create a more convenient and energy-conscious system, and increase safety for anyone who needs to make any adjustments to the control panels. This saved our client money and time during the automation start-up and commissioning phase, while also creating a safer and more convenient work environment for employees.

While live testing the conveyors, we identified the issue of the toppling products and worked to create a solution. Instead of letting the products sit on the conveyor individually, we set up a series of guide rails where the products are placed on the conveyor to prevent the containers from tipping and falling.

The Outcome

Our team developed an effective and efficiently designed conveyor control system for the transport and packaging of products.

Our automated line allows products to be automatically placed on pallets, as they move along the production line. The loaded units are stored on the line when not in use and can be moved onto skids and packed out when the facility’s team is ready to do so. With this new system in place, the customer can now package and store an entire batch of 264 units of their product at once.

If you are looking to introduce a new manufacturing line or conveyor system to your facility, contact CSI today to see how we can help.

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