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Whether your company is moving from a manual to an automated system, or implementing a new system from scratch, working with an all-in-one solution helps companies save money and end up with a more effective system.

All-in-one solution companies provide customers with single-source automation capabilities to assist with the different implementations required to achieve a fully functional and efficient system.

Due to the varying expertise required to develop these different types of systems, working with a multiple company approach can create more challenges during implementation than necessary. By working with an all-in-one solution provider like CSI, customers benefit from reduced costs and increased efficiency within their systems.

What happens with independent contractors?

When working with contractors, each who specializes in a different section of your system, they will work independently.

Their focus and priority will be the area they’ve been assigned to work on – someone hired to program and set up a PLC will prioritize making that PLC work to its best but may not necessarily have the tools and knowledge to arrange for it to flow properly with the rest of the system.

With this focus, it is up to the client to find a way for all separate aspects to work together. This may mean hiring a project management team, a commissioning team, or in some situations, working through the problem themselves to find the solution.

In this situation, your system may not even work the way you imagined, which can be frustrating after having spent time and money on the updates.

Working with independent contractors also means you may be facing people who have different standards on quality. Some designers still work with AUTOCAD, whereas others are now working with EPLAN to create schematics. Others may not use standards like UL508-A, which help ensure that your system is safe, protected, and of good quality.

Why use a turnkey solution team like CSI?

While independent contractors can offer benefits like cheaper prices and detailed knowledge of the areas they work in, we recommend working with a one-stop shop that can take care of an entire project for you.

Working with a team that is responsible for every aspect of a system removes communication issues that can arise while working with independent contractors. A full-service team will look at your project and find solutions that work best for your process, not necessarily one aspect of the system. As the team communicates together, they create harmonious solutions that work for your benefit.

Teams like CSI offer experts from a variety of different fields and offer services that encounter almost every part of an electrical design. CSI engineers work in the Automation Alley in Canada and Michigan State and have worked on projects around the world.

Our team is composed of skilled industry experts, with knowledgeable engineers who have created optimized electrical control system designs, effective PLC controls solutions, intuitive HMI displays, and worked to create robotic integration for machine tending, spot welding, MIG welding, vision  and  dispensing.

We pride ourselves on working with innovative technologies. CSI works with optimized EPLAN designs, ensure we follow UL508A standards and have worked to create turnkey solutions like the BSAFE power management system to simplify the design process for you.

How do I know a full-service solution is right for me?

No matter the size of your project, you deserve to work with a team that will simplify and remove complexity from your new or updated system. An all-in-one solution can help you save money on resolving issues that don’t work from a lack of communication, and by also ensuring that your system will work harmoniously in the long run.

CSI has expert knowledge in systems that can be both simple and challenging; the complexity of your project doesn’t differ in whether you should be working with a full-service team. Whether you’re looking for a simple electrical controls system design or complicated updates to or support for your existing automation, working with a turnkey solution for electrical control systems ensures the process is smooth and with little issue.

If you’re looking for a full-service solution for your next automation/control systems project, please contact us. We’d love to discuss how we can help you.

For over 20 years, CSI has provided expert engineering services as a control systems integrator in both Canada and the United States. Our automation and electrical system designs reach throughout industries and across the world. With experienced and knowledgeable engineers and skilled workers, we’re a key component in our customers’ automated control systems solutions.

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