Why We Use EPLAN

At Control Systems International (CSI), we’re proud to use industry-leading, high-quality technology in all of our operations. As a Licensed Electrical Controls Engineering firm and Control Systems Integrator, we’re one of the original Electrical Controls Design/Build Companies from the Great Lakes Area (aka Automation Alley). Our team of engineers are well equipped with top-tier industry knowledge and expertise stemming from over 20 years of experience using automated control systems.

With that experience, we have established design automation systems that allow us to operate like a well-oiled machine. One pillar that’s been imperative to our success has been our application of EPLAN – a premium electrical control system that enhances accuracy and efficiency for automation end-users.

What Is EPLAN?

Founded in 1984, EPLAN provides software and service solutions in the fields of electrical, automation, and mechanical engineering. EPLAN is one of the world’s leading design software solutions for machine and panel builders, and an ideal partner for CSI in streamlining challenging engineering processes for our clients.

Our engineers are certified in the use of EPLAN, which is one of the components that add value to our automation projects. For our clients, EPLAN ensures premium-level documentation and record-keeping, which is critical for automation equipment end users. Of course, our engineers love the high-quality documentation produced, too, which has a direct and positive impact on investment returns for our clients.

Using both standardized and customized interfaces, EPLAN ensures data consistency along the whole value chain, which acts as an invaluable aspect to the work we do here at CSI.

Unlike other electrical design software, EPLAN is database-driven. Their data portal provides access to extensive device data and components including assembly drawings, macros of sub-circuits, and entire user manuals.

EPLAN promises “efficient engineering” and does not fall short. Their mission is to increase quality, save time, and optimize processes using future-proof engineering solutions. They succeed in this mission, which is why we’ve chosen to use their software and solutions to help us in improving the electrical control systems and capabilities of our clients.


At CSI, we’re committed to evolving with new and innovative technologies and tools. For decades, AutoCAD has been the drafting software most widely used by engineers. While it continues to be a useful tool, in recent years, there has been an increasing demand for EPLAN – not only among our engineers but also by our end-user clients. That’s because EPLAN’s functionality is superior to other software platforms available for engineers, architects, and product manufacturers.

New to EPLAN? No problem! Our team regularly provides knowledge transfer and training to our clients to help them learn the software. We believe strongly in investing time to train your team to use the most cutting-edge software so that you remain innovative and can reap the benefits of the best tools out there.

7 Ways EPLAN Benefits Our Customers

We recognize that the path to prosperity and growth lies in our clients’ successes. Simply put, EPLAN allows us to better achieve those successes for our clients and their projects through:

1. Global Reach 

CSI using EPLAN can convert documents and schematics so that they are easily read by teams here in North America and Europe.

2. Longevity

Our engineers have found that there is more longevity in the schematics and products produced by EPLAN – in many cases, schematics last a decade or more before being reproduced.

3. Better Documentation 

There is an advantage to creating OEM electrical system schematics in EPLAN from the outset. Manufacturers require new system documentation to be at a premium automation level, and we use EPLAN to meet these electrical system engineering requests and provide our client’s automation and project teams with the accurate documentation they need when they need it.

EPLAN produces premium documentation that can be referenced after a machine is built or a project is complete. This accurate, high-quality documentation is crucial for maintaining and servicing machines and equipment in the future, and for troubleshooting any issues that may arise. Good documentation creates future cost- and time-savings as well.

4. Simplified Production

Using EPLAN saves time and materials, and dramatically simplifies the production of electrical control panels. The ability to combine the new tools and process workflows of EPLAN’s efficient engineering with our own methods and expertise here at CSI allows us to stand out and stay competitive in a global market while delivering unbeatable quality to our clients.

5. Smoother Operating Processes 

It is the automation system end-user – the operator and manufacturing facility – who really benefit from EPLAN with smoother operating robotic and automation systems that are more easily maintained. This is especially true when EPLAN is used from the project concept stage.

6. Increased Accuracy & Quality 

While we are always detail-oriented and work with precision, the data captured in our schematics and 3D layouts via EPLAN results in the further reduction of potential errors, as well as project completion with higher quality output. With EPLAN, we see significant reductions in overhead, too, which ensures our clients receive top-quality solutions at potentially lower rates.

7. Faster Turnaround Times

The application of EPLAN’s systems allows our team to complete projects more swiftly and efficiently, yielding higher quality work with faster turnaround times. Time is imperative to our clients, which is why we use every tool available to assist in managing projects in a quick, accurate, and efficient manner.

We’d love to show you how EPLAN is changing the industry, and how it can further enhance your automation and control systems. We encourage you to reach out to us at Control Systems International today for more information about EPLAN, and to discuss your next project. We look forward to working alongside you on your path to success!

Update on September 1, 2021:
We are proud to announce that CSI has achieved Level 1 Certified Systems Integrator status with EPLAN. Our team worked hard to achieve this accomplishment and are honoured by EPLAN’s recognition of our capabilities, skills, and knowledge.

For over 20 years, CSI has provided expert engineering services as a Control Systems Integrator in both Canada and the United States. Our automation and electrical system designs reach throughout industries and across the world. With experienced and knowledgeable engineers and skilled workers, we are a key component in our customers’ automated control solutions.

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