Employee Spotlight: Joe Zaleski

At CSI, we’re proud of our licensed industrial electricians, engineers, technologists, technicians, and many other professionals who make CSI an amazing place to work and an upstanding firm to work with. We thought we’d take a moment to introduce you to one of our key team members!

Meet Joe Zaleski, Senior Project Manager

Joe Zaleski has been working in engineering all his life. A graduate of St. Clair College’s Electrical Technologist program in 1977, his first job was as a Controls Manager at Newcor.

Joe’s experience at Newcor was challenging – while he had a mentor when he began, they left after a few months, and Joe was forced to figure things out on his own. Without the internet to guide him, Joe worked alongside colleagues using his education, books, and trial and error. The learning curve was large, but he was trusted by the company and worked for them for almost 13 years.

His work in control engineering took him across the border, where he worked with large automobile companies and was offered various positions, but Joe had other ambitions for his career. He wanted a comfortable position that kept him excited about his job, and it was that thought that connected him with Control Systems International.

In 1990, Joe was approached to join our team. We had five employees and no building to call home. Joe had a good feeling about CSI though and jumped on board.

Joe saw us as we grew and evolved – from our first building to the boom in engineering in the 2000s, he has been here for it all. As a CET-certified senior project manager, he’s led projects for large companies, guiding his teams to success. But Joe has always been known for more than just his project management skills – he’s renowned throughout CSI for his mentoring.

Joe Zaleski has taken it upon himself to train hundreds of employees since he started at CSI. He’s helped them with knowledge, provided insight and suggestions from his vast experience, and encouraged autonomy and independence as engineers become more confident in their roles.

After seeing the gap that a lack of mentorship had early in his career, he didn’t want anyone else to feel as though they didn’t have the help and guidance they needed to succeed.

For his distinguished work in the field of control engineering technology, and his passion for mentoring ambitious and promising engineers at CSI, Joe was nominated and awarded the George Burwash Langford Memorial Award in 2012.

Joe is enjoys being an integral part of the CSI team as we prosper and grow, and is excited about the company’s continued expansion in the US.

“Working here, there’s always something different. Challenges keep my mind going, and that’s what I like about the business. You’re always on the cutting-edge of change, you’re always learning something,” says Joe.

Stay tuned to learn more about our team. You can also reach out to us anytime to find out more about the different team members and expertise we bring to automation, electrical control design, and engineering projects!


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