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In America, we know the appreciation that comes with working hard. But we also know the value that comes with working smart. In a world in which we want things faster, built with precision and quality, it comes as no surprise that industries nation-wide have embraced automation and robotics into their operations. We’re one of the original Electrical Controls Design and Build Companies from the Great Lakes Area (aka Automation Alley) and through our Madison Heights Michigan office, we’ve grown our expertise in robotics and automation throughout America with over 20 years of experience in automated control systems.

We’d love to share a little more about what makes our operations in the US so unique.

Our Skilled Team

Our Michigan office is led by skilled industry experts. We’ve built a roster of highly trained and talented individuals who consistently perform beyond expectations, always striving for innovative and effective solutions for our clients. When working with our Michigan office team, you may meet Brian Largo, our Engineering Manager, Controls, or Craig Fonger, our Robotics, Manager. Both of these team managers are committed to innovative industry growth, and mentor their teams in the safest, most effective, and industry-leading techniques and solutions.

Innovative Technology

At CSI, we pride ourselves on the quality and effectiveness of the technology and processes that we use, and the certifications that we hold. One of the pillars of our operations is the eagerness to embrace innovative technologies that facilitate our engineering and building of the highest calibre robotics solutions and automated control systems for our clients.


Among other systems we’ve found value in, we’ve amplified our use of EPLAN – a design software and service solutions provider in the fields of electrical, automation, and mechanical engineering. As a Level 1 Certified Systems Integrator, our engineers are certified in the use of EPLAN which we use to provide premium documentation, simplified production of projects, and increased accuracy.

Siemens Automation Systems

While more widely used in Asia and Europe, Siemens automation systems are picking up steam here in North America – and for good reason! We’ve found value in using Siemens platforms and automation, leveraging their ultra-modern systems and machines to provide our clients with industry-leading, efficient, flexible, and cost-effective solutions.


We pride ourselves on the quality, safety, and effectiveness of the robotics and automations solutions that we provide. To ensure we stay on top of best practices, we maintain a number of certifications among our team and for our organization as a whole. Below are a few of them:

UL 508A

UL has become revered as a global safety science leader that supports companies in their efforts to exercise safety, bolster security, deliver quality and sustainability, manage risk, and achieve regulatory compliance. We proudly follow UL Industrial Control Panel Standards and work in collaboration with UL certified partners.

General Motors Certifications

Knowledge of a wide array of design and documentation specifications are helpful when it comes to finding the most effective solutions for our clients. With his specialized focus in automotive, Brian Largo, our Engineering Manager, Controls, holds GM GCCH-1 (Global Common Controls Hardware) Standard and GCCS-2 (Global Common Controls Software) Standard certifications.

An All-In-One Automation Design & Engineering Partner

With the diverse and highly skilled team in our Madison Heights Michigan office, we’re ready and fully prepared to handle any cradle-to-grave project. The efficiencies that come with partnering with an all-in-one automation and robotics firm like ours are astounding – from cost savings and time efficiency to safety and streamlined communications. At our Michigan office, we offer electrical control design and engineering services and are equipped with a shop in which your parts and products are made in America, by American workers. To close the loop, we also have highly skilled labourers working on your projects.

Connect with us to learn more about our Michigan office and how we can help you with your next project.



For over 20 years, CSI has provided expert engineering services as a control systems integrator in both Canada and the United States. Our automation and electrical system designs reach throughout industries and across the world. With experienced and knowledgeable engineers and skilled workers, we’re a key component in our customers’ automated control solutions.


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