Asynchronous drum motor ITOH DENKI

ITOH DENKI makes roller conveyor retrofits and layouts easy with their MOLLER design (motor embedded in the roller).  Which is fantastic for eliminating the bulk motors and gearboxes that require additional installation, braketry and space.  The ITOH DENKI system also makes speed control easy as well with their appropriately sized VFD systems.  The mollers can start loads of 600 lbs from a standstill all day long.  Control Systems Intenational Engineering (CSI) is well experienced at applying ITOH DENKI products to real world applications.  A recent insatllation of ITOH DENKI conveyors CSI completed was to their customer's complete satisfaction.

Brushless motor roller max. 300 kg... conveyor roller Module de transfert à 90° F-RAT-S ITOH DENKI EUROPE

"CSI's project commitment through the Holidays, including New Years Eve and New Years day coupled with their product knowledge made our timelines possible.  With their help and commitment we were able to make our client (Honda) happy."     - Major Seating Manufacturer, Project Manager